Personal Coaching Testimonials

“Thank you, Megan. I am grateful a business leader I trust and respect connected me with you! I knew I was taking my career in a new direction, but felt “stuck” how to go about it. You got me centered, thinking positive and helped me identify my passions and strengths. Next, we discussed possible directions and action. Although, I am not prepared to let go of your coaching just yet, our work together has propelled me to where I want to be…You are nothing short of amazing.  I highly recommend your coaching and you have made a remarkable difference for me!”
– Erin

“I was recommended to Megan while attending a PWCC event where I announced I was in career transition and looking for a coach. Initially upon speaking with Megan, I felt an instant connection. Our first in person session was intense and I had a hard time deciphering if I was in therapy or a coaching session. I soon found out her approach was to get to know the whole me and to understand why I felt I needed to move on professionally. It was a lot of work and truly worth every minute. I enjoyed our sessions for many reasons and mostly because she was open, honest and kept me accountable for important issues I may have otherwise ignored. Megan gave me the validation I needed for my feelings and helped me recognize my life’s successes. She taught me how to focus on being my best self going forward. I recommend anyone struggling to find a new direction in life to call Megan and learn what are your greatest possibilities and how to enjoy the journey. ”
– Nancy

” Megan helped me to determine my core strengths and effectively leverage them in my job search. With a positive attitude and passion, Megan never took her eyes of my goal and kept me motivated throughout the process. I wholeheartedly recommend her as a coach.”
– Steve

“I was at a point in my professional life where I needed to make some changes but overwhelmed with where to begin. I read all those O Magazine articles on “how to discover your passion” or “how to live the life you’re meant to live” but the results made me anxious and at a loss. Megan guided me along step by step in helping me identify my values, strengths and areas in life I wanted to focus on. This approach helped me discover what I really enjoy doing and what I’m good at with the use of my strengths. I was then able to focus on my career options and align it with my strengths and values. Megan was a trusted confidant and coached with objectivity, positivity and accountability. I enjoyed working with her and will continue to “check in” with her on an as needed basis.”
– Laurie

Presentation Testimonials

Overcoming Fear
“Very well presented, captured the teams attention and forced them to think about their role in determining outcomes.”
– Citibank Commercial Banking

Managing Transition From The Inside Out
“Megan’s presentation on transition was very timely and useful. With her explanation of  transition and of the choices individuals have during these times, she provided us with a sense a control to help navigate the current company changes. This was a quality presentation, to the point and timely.”
– BMO Asset Management

Make Change Work: Tools for Personal & Professional Transition
“Megan, thank you so much for the wonderful presentation at the Chicago Finance Exchange meeting. Your talk was inspirational, motivating as well as thought provoking for the women in the room. This is a very discerning group of women and they loved your program.”
– Chicago Financial Exchange

Listening 101
“Megan was the keynote speaker at a conference of educators I organized. She presented on listening skills. Megan confidently held the room and involved people in the discussion as she spoke. It was an extremely effective dialogue, and many questions were asked and answered over the course of the evening. In the following day’s session her presentation was referenced several times, and we all left feeling like we had improved our conversational skills, which rely to a large degree on active listening skills. In sum, she was a smashing success!

I chose Megan as the speaker because I had gone through a series of coaching sessions with her, and would recommend her without reservation as a speaker or a coach. She knows her stuff!”
– 2011 Educators Spring Conference